23 October 2015: Fiji Village – Minister tells NFP to check their facts on heart surgeries

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Transcript of audio interview. Please check against audio:

“NFP Leader, Hon Prof Biman Prasad: Our job in the Opposition is to ask questions and sometimes when we try and find out facts directly from the Ministry, we do not get that. I am not going to debate on the emergency or executive surgeries, the fact is that there are people and our information showed that there are about 20 people waiting for heart surgery or related to heart disease.”

“NFP Leader, Hon Prof Biman Prasad: I’m not interested in the technical details of what the Ministry has at its disposal. We have raised a general question with respect to the people who were supposed to be treated by the Sahyadri Fiji and a lot of people have come to us. That’s what we have with us and that is why we raised these questions about how this was all handled and if the Ministry has come out with answers, we will look at those answers.”

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21 October 2015: Parliamentary Standing Committee on Law, Justice and Human Rights – Income Tax Bill 2015

The Law, Justice & Human Rights Standing Committee is presently receiving submissions on the Income Tax Bill 2015.

The Income Tax Bill is a very important piece of legislation that affects us all particularly as the Budget for 2016 is going to be tabled on 06 November 2015.

The purpose of the Income Tax Bill as laid out in the Bill’s Explanatory Notes states that: “The Income Tax Bill 2015 (‘Bill’) provides for the imposition of the income tax, capital gains tax and the regulation of fringe benefits. It also repeals and replaces the Income Tax Act (Cap. 201) (‘Act’), Capital Gains Tax Decree 2011 and Fringe Benefit Decree 2012 with effect from 1st January 2016.”

For your reference the draft Bill is available online here.

And the template for submissions is available here.

Should you wish to seek an audience with the Committee to make an oral or written submission, contact the Secretariat on email: ktakape@parliament.gov.fj or telephone number: 3221209.