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Facts don’t lie – NFP


Cane farmers are not chattels, to be used and discarded.

Everyone can claim to be wise with the benefit of hindsight. Great leaders and politicians have in the past led and served cane farmers. They all did their best to secure a peaceful, stable and just future for cane farmers, their families and indeed the nation as a whole.

However, Government and its leader Commodore Frank Bainimarama horribly believe former politicians and indeed farmers’ leaders were failures.

Ballot Paper A Nightmare For Voters

Voters throughout the country have unanimously rejected the proposed ballot paper for the 2014 general elections.

The National Federation Party has consulted voters since the promulgation of the Electoral Decree 2014 a month ago and voters have very strongly denounced the layout and composition of the ballot paper.

On 8th April the NFP wrote to the Chairman of the Electoral Commission registering the Party’s concerns. We called upon the Commission to seek amendments. But the Commission has not responded to our letter.

NFP’s vision for our people’s future

By NFP Leader Biman Prasad

The following are excerpts from Professor Prasad’s speech delivered at the NFP Convention on 29th March (continued from last week).

Creating decent jobs

Nowhere is the evidence of failure of government seen more clearly than through unemployment. Thousands of graduates, school leavers, and skilled people cannot find jobs. This is because there has been no growth in manufacturing and agriculture sector. The National Employment Centre tells us that out of 26,000 that registered as jobseekers between 2010 and 2012, only 4,000 found jobs. More recently the figure registered at the NEC has risen to 30,000 and of these 1,000 are University graduates.

NFP – Our People’s Future

The following re excerpts of a speech delivered by the Leader of the National Federation Party Professor Biman Prasad at the NFP Convention at Nadi on Saturday 29th March 2014.

I do not underestimate what lies ahead of us. With much humility, a clear understanding about the scale of responsibility and excitement, I have accepted the National Federation Party’s Leadership.

The weight of history, I am aware is heavy. Expectations are large. I have accepted a post previously held by some of the finest political leaders in our country, Mr Jai Ram Reddy, Mr. Harish Sharma, the formidable late Mr A D Patel and Late Mr. S.M Koya, people from whom I and so many others draw so much inspiration.

NFP will reduce VAT to 10%

The following are excerpts of the speech delivered by National Federation Party Leader Professor Biman Prasad at the NFP Convention on 29th March.

(Continued from last Saturday)

Confronting Fears

As a nation we have lived in fear over the last 7 years. Fear grips our national life. Fear of being heard by someone and reported to authorities, fear of being bullied by those in power, fear of losing jobs, fear of being victimized, fear of losing licenses, fear of being witch hunted by government agencies. Workers, farmers, taxi drivers, teachers, lawyers, doctors, civil servants, academics, journalists, business people, many NGOs have shied away from raising difficult issues because of the fear of being victimized for being critical of the government.