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NFP announces four new candidates

Four more candidates were named today by Fiji’s National Federation Party, bringing to 49 the number of candidates the party has named so far for the 2014 General Elections.

Named today were Savusavu businesswoman Kalesi Ratuwara, Small Business consultant Anshu Lata from Labasa, retired school teacher Etonia Lote and 23-year-old lawyer Anishni Chand.

The party remains firm on plans to submit 50 nominations to the Fijian Elections Office next Monday for accreditation for the forthcoming election.They are expected to name their 50th candidate tomorrow.

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The Attorney General’s outright rejection of NFP’s commitment to reduce Value Added Tax (VAT) from 15% to 10% confirms the current government’s anti-poor stance. It clear that this Government is only concerned about raking as much revenue as possible even if it means squeezing the pockets of the

Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, while launching the Prime Minister’s Exporter of the Year Award, referred to NFP’s election promise to reduce VAT to 10% and mocked me saying being an “economist does not make one a good person for financial and commercial transaction”. Firstly Mr Sayed-Khaiyum should not become a political commentator. He is also the Minister Responsible for Elections. This re-enforces our belief that he should quit as Elections Minister after becoming the general secretary of the Fiji First Party if he wants to indulge in politics.

NFP’s vision for our people’s future

The following are excerpts from Professor Prasad’s speech delivered at the NFP Convention on 29th March (continued from last week) Creating decent jobs Nowhere is the evidence of failure of government seen more clearly than through unemployment. Thousands of graduates, school leavers, and skilled people cannot find jobs. This is because there has been no growth in manufacturing and agriculture sector. The National Employment Centre tells us that out of 26,000 that registered as jobseekers between 2010 and 2012, only 4,000 found jobs. More recently the figure registered at the NEC has risen to 30,000 and of these 1,000 are University graduates.


The National Federation Party has today announced a further 5 candidates to contest the 2014 general elections. They include the President of the largest cultural organisation in the country, a social worker, a retired school teacher, a post-graduate in international relations and a former Captain of Boeing 747 aircraft.

The latest announcement brings to 24 the number of candidates officially endorsed by the NFP, with more candidates to be announced in the next fortnight, which will make the NFP candidates’ line-up as the only genuinely multiracial and most talented election team to contest the elections.

The five candidates are: –

  • Sadasivan Naicker

Sadasivan Naicker is a retired Customs Officer. He retired in September last year after almost 39 years of Service. Originally from Koronubu, Ba, Mr Naicker is well known in the Suva-Nausori corridor because of his active involvement in social and community work as well as football.

Mr Naicker has bee actively involved in the Then India Sanmarga Ikya Sangam for the past 32 years. He served Nasinu Sangam in various capacities including as Branch President. At national level, he served as President of TIV Sangam (Sangam’s youth wing).

From 2006 to 2011 he was TISI Sangam’s General Manager. In April 2011, Mr Naicker was elected TISI Sangam’s National President and has led the organisation for the last three years.

Mr Naicker has also served as Chairman of the Nasinu Satelite Carnival for 14 years. He has also served as an Executive Board Member of Fiji Council of Social Services. For the last three years he has been the Chairman of Valelevu Health Centre Board of Visitors.

His passion for soccer saw serve Nasinu Football between 1991 and 2003. He was President of Nasinu Football Association for five years from 1998 to 2003 and was also a Finance Committee Member of Fiji Football Association for 5 years.

Mr Naicker is a recipient of the 25th Independence Anniversary Medal for his social and community work.

  • Frederick Harol Work

Frederick Harol Work is a resident of Lautoka. He has worked in the hospitality industry for many years and is currently the managing director of Top Sand Suppliers Ltd. He also had a rugby stint in Northland, New Zealand.

Mr Work, whose roots are embedded in Nadroga, is a nephew of Christopher Work, a Minister of State in the NFP/FLP Coalition Government of Dr Timoci Uluivuda Bavadra of 1987, deposed in the military coup of May 14, 1987.

Mr Work looks after general welfare issues of Pubic Rental Board residents of Natoqowaqa, Lautoka, is a former member of the Natokowaqa Topline PRB Youth Network Club doing community work and a former Topline Rugby Club Coach.

  • Sant Kumari Murti

Sant Kumari Murti is a retired school teacher of Vunivau, Labasa. She is wel known for her social and community work in the North.

Mrs Murti was a teacher for 32 years from 1979 to 2010 and taught in various secondary schools. She also held acting appointments as a vice principal and HOD Mathematics.

She is a member of the Macuata Provincial Development Board, Member of Women in Politics, Vice President of TISI Maathar Sangam. She has assisted in conducting Social Welfare empowerment programs on issues like gender equality, violence against women, child health and protection, and rights for people with disabilities.

Mrs Murti is passionate about her work towards the uplifting of living standards for rural women.

  • Jone Vakalalabure

Jone Vakalalabure is currently employed as a  Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist by the regional organisation Pacific Leadership Program.

Mr Vakalalabure has a Masters  in International Relations from La Trobe University in Melbourne. He has also worked as a short term advsor for UNDP on Climate Change, worked for 9 years with UN AIDS as Regional Programme Specialist and also for the Fiji Red Cross for 4 years between 1999 and 2003.

Mr Vakalalabure possesses: –

  • Academic and practical knowledge on political and international relatins
  • Experience with minotoring and evaluation work
  • Experience in developing stakeholder relationships

He is fully versed with UN funding, operational and management mechanisms.

  • Captain Rainjesh San

Captain Rainjesh San (pronounced Sen) has worked in the airline industry for 30 years. He worked as a pilot for Air Pacific (now Fiji Airways) for 22 years from 1988 to 2010, during which time he was promoted to a Captain  of the Boeing 747-400 aircraft, now the 2nd largest passenger aircraft in the world.

Captain San has a total of 15,319 hours of flying time on several types of aircraft. Of this he has 8000 hours of flying time as command of jet aircraft.

His career objective as been to develop skills and knowledge at all levels. Now Captain San’s objective is to part of a successful Team NFP.

(Also Narendra Reddy who was announced last week will have to take the oath.

Mr Reddy’s record of service to the community and NFP has been exemplary.


The President of the Fiji Law Society, prominent social and community workers, a prominent women’s rights personality, a backpacker resort owner and a minister in the multi-party Cabinet deposed in the military coup are amongst 8 candidates announced today to contest the forthcoming general elections under the banner of the National Federation Party.

This is the 2nd batch of candidates announced by the NFP following the announcement of  eleven candidates a fortnight ago.  This brings to 19 the number of candidates announced so far by the NFP.

The 8 candidates are: –

  • Dorsami Naidu

Dorsami Naidu is the President of the Fiji Law Society. After graduating as a lawyer from University of Canterbury, New Zealand, he entered private practice in 1983. In 1985, he established his own law firm under the name of Pillai Nadu & Associates in Nadi.

Mr Naidu has held various positions in the Then India Sanmargya Ikya Sangam. He was TISI Sangam President from April 2000 to April 2011.

As Law Society President he was a member of the Judicial Legal Services Commission until April 2009.

Mr Naidu was a NFP Member of Parliament for 7 years between 1992 and 1999. In November 1993 following the debate on the 1994 Budget, he called for a division or vote on the Budget. This led to the defeat of the 1994 Budget, and the fall of the Rabuka Government, resulting in snap general elections in February 1994. He was a member of the Parliamentary Justice, Law & Order Committee.

He contested the 1999 and 2001 general elections. In 2001 he was NFP’s Deputy Leader for the elections. He was NFP’s President from 2004 to 2005.

  • Ragho Nand

Ragho Nand is veteran social worker and a former Member of Parliament. Originally from Labasa he has been a resident of Nausori for several years. He was a school teacher for 34 years.

In 1999, he quit his teaching career to contest the elections as a Fiji Labour Party candidate. He served as a Labour Party MP for seven years from 1999 to 2006. During this time he served as a Member of the parliamentary social services and public accounts committees.

Following the 2006 general elections, he was one of nine FLP Ministers in the SDL-FLP Multi-Party Cabinet that was deposed in a military coup on 5th December 2006. Mr Nand was the Employment Opportunities and Productivity Minister in the Multi-Party Cabinet.

  • Bhim Raj

Bhim Raj of Nausori, is a retired civil servant having worked in the public service for 34 years.  He began his civil service career as a clerical officer in 1976 at the Government Supplies Department. He also worked in a similar position in the Elections Office in 1986 and 1987.

From 1987 to 1994, Mr Raj worked as an Assistant Accountant in the Ministry of Lands. In July 1994, he gained promotion as an Accountant  for two years worked in the Housing and Urban Development Ministry.

Mr Raj served as an Accountant in the Ministries of Agriculture and Multi-Ethnic Affairs, as well as Department of Women. He acted as a Senior Accountant in the Ministry of Health.

  • Eroni Maopa

Original from Qamea Island in the province of Cakaudrove, Eroni Maopa of Nadi is a lawyer.

Mr Maopa was a police officer from 1987 to 1996. He graduated as a lawyer from the University of the South Pacific and has been practicing law for 13 years from 2001. He also has a Diploma in Business Administration & Management from Jersey – Britain – through a correspondence course.

Mr Maopa’s community work involves advising and overseeing development at village level in Qamea Island and Naselai, Tailevu.

  • Latchmaiya Naidu

Latchmaiya Naidu of Labasa is a businessman. He is also a well known social worker. He has served as a Member and Chairman of Old People’s Home, Secretary of Crime Stoppers  Zone 2 Labasa to name a few. He is a Vice President of  TISI Sangam Labasa Branch.

Mr Naidu owns and operates Latchmi Enterprises Ltd.

  • Priscilla Singh

Priscilla Singh is a leading women’s rights personality.

Some of her attributes are: –

  • Nine years experience in policy-making and local-governance, served 3 terms as elected member of Suva City Council between 1996 and 2009.
  • Leadership skills acquired through the trade union movement, political party and NGO participation, Local Government and training.
  • Member of the NFP Management Board. Also served as Secretary of the NFP Women’s Movement, NFP Senior Vice-President Southern as well as a former member of the NFP Selection Committee. She contested the 2006 general elections.
  • Strengths in networking; understanding and appreciating diverse viewpoints; and at ease in cross-cultural settings.
  • Ability in working with all levels in the community including political and religious leaders, NGO’s and civil society.
  • Ability to manage and organize election campaigns, facilitate team work and also to organize events individually.
  • Exposure and networking gained through travel to following countries: United states of America, England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Korea, Thailand, Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan), Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Timor Leste, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Samoa, Tonga

Tuinadave Radogo

Tuinadave Radogo, commonly known as Tui Kabu, owns and operates Ratu Kini Backpackers/Dive Resort in Mana Island.

From 2010 he has been the President of the Fiji Independent Backpackers Association.

Mr Radogo is originally from Mualevu village in Vanuabalavu, Lau.  He received his tertiary education at the University of the South Pacific, Andrews University, Michigan, USA and Simon Fraser University in Canada. He has a Diploma in Business Administration.

  • Narendra Reddy
    • Narendra Reddy of Tavua has an exemplary record of service, both to the community as well as the NFP.

      Mr Reddy has fought four elections including a by-election. He successfully contested 4 Sugar Cane Growers Council elections from 1995 to 2004. He was a Sugar Cane Growers Councilor from 1995 to 2009 for the Yaladro Sector in Tavua.

      Mr Reddy served as Vice-Chairman of the Growers Council, member of the Ba Mill Area Committee and member of the Sugar Commission during this time.

      Currently he is the Chairman of Tavua District Advisory Council and a member of the Ba Provincial Development Committee. He has served as Tavua Hospital Board Chairman, Tavua Rural Local Authority Chairman, Tavua Farmers Club Cooperative Association Ltd Chairman and Tavua Andhra Sangam School Chairman.


The National Federation Party has today become the first registered political party to formally announce its first batch of candidates to contest the 2014 general elections under the party’s banner.

The first batch of candidates includes, women, youth, a lawyer, former politicians, a trade unionist by profession, cane growers’ representatives, social worker and a medical doctor.

The first lot of candidates are as follows: –

  1. Tupou Draunidalo

Tupou Draunidalo was elected as the first i-taukei President of the NFP on March 29. She is the 2nd woman President. She brings added strength to the party’s multiracial philosophy and character.

Ms Draunidalo received her primary and secondary school education at Draiba, Veiuto, Suva Grammar and Canberra.

She successfully completed her Bachelor of Laws Degree at the Australian National University in Canberra. She was admitted to the Bar of the

Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory and High Court of Fiji in 1999.

Ms Draunidalo has been in private practice and also a legal advisor to political parties, political leaders and counsel appearing in court for citizens including the poor and those unable to afford counsel, business people, landowning units, NGOs, lawyers and the elected PM, Laisenia Qarase.

She was the Counsel on record for the intervenor in the Fiji Court of Appeal, Qarase v Bainimarama constitutional challenge in April of 2009.

Ms Draunidalo is a Former Vice President of Fiji Law Society.

  1. Prem Singh

Prem Singh was the lone NFP Member of Parliament elected in the 2001 general elections. He served as the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament from October 201 to September 2002, when he had to vacate his parliamentary Nadi Open Constituency Seat due to a High Court of Fiji judgment that nullified his election.

Mr Singh also served as the party’s parliamentary leader. He also contested the 2006 general elections. He is a prominent resident of Nadi, a social and community worker and a Justice of the Peace. Mr Singh is a member of the NFP Management Board.

  1. Bimal B. Prasad aka Bimal Prasad Chaudhry

Bimal Prasad received his primary education at Vashist Muni Primary School, Navua, did his secondary education at Vunimono High School, Nausori before working as a law clerk, clerk in the Opposition and then Government Members Office before teaching at DAV College, Nabua from where he resigned in 2006 to contest the Vitilevu- South/ Kadavu Indian Communal Constituency seat that year for the NFP. He is presently a law student. As public figure, he has been involved in community service, cultural and youth organizations and the sport of Football. Bimal was the Manager of the Fiji National Men’s Team that played the 14th Pacific Games in Noumea, New Caledonia in 2011.

Bimal joined the NFP as a youth while still at school. In 1994, he was elected the Assistant Secretary of NFP Rewa Branch and Treasurer of NFP Youth Movement. In 1996, he was elected the National Vice President of NFP Youth Movement. After five years of stint with the FLP Navua Branch, he was elected in 2004 as the Secretary of NFP Navua Branch, a position he held until 2008. From 2008 to 2013, he was the Assistant General Secretary of the NFP and a member of the NFP Management Board from 2005 to 2013. He attended the Asian Political Leadership Program in 2012 in Bali and Jakarta, Indonesia and in April, 2013 was one of the five Fijian Delegates to the Pacific Parliamentary and Political Leaders Forum in Wellington, New Zealand.

  1. Dr Bijend Prasad Ram

Dr Ram is a practicing medical doctor, a community medicine specialist and consultant in Health Management

Educated at the Fiji School of Medicine, Dr. Ram is a Practicing Medical doctor and a Health Management Specialist with over 37 years of service. He is at present directing the development of Community Health & Medical Care programme through the Suva Bayview Private hospital Project. This mission is targeting to transform Fiji’s Private Health Sector through highly specialized Medical Services with a team of Specialists, seeking to advance medicine into a strong future base for Fiji and the Region. Prior to this he worked in the Government services for 21 years until 1999. In 1995 Dr. Ram was awarded the 25th Anniversary of Independence Medal Award for service to Fiji. During his medical career he gained recognition for his work with the World Health Organization, the South Pacific Commission and through Korea Institute for Population & Health, Sydney & Harvard Universities. Since 1985 Dr. Ram is a FELLOW OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF TROPICAL MEDICINE & HYGIENE {LONDON}. Apart from other volunteer activities like the Aged medical care, Respiratory Health and Action for Children; he has been involved as the initiator with the inception of the Kidney Foundation of Fiji Haemodialysis & Renal Health services a first for Fiji. Dr. Ram was a member of the Medical team that started the first specialized Coronary Care Unit at the CWM Hospital. He also started and is directing the services for the Aged and Children through the ACATA Trust Fiji involved with their specialized care needs and a general front for prevention & primary care, wellness health and food chain & food security projects.

  1. Seni Leba Nabou

Seni Nabou is a full time Post-Graduate Student in International Relations and Diplomacy at the University of the South Pacific.

Prior to this, Seni worked for Greenpeace Australia Pacific based in Suva from August 2006 to March 2014 in various capacities, rising to the position of Pacific Political Advisor and Projects Leader (Oceans Campaign).

From November 2002 to April 2005, she worked as Manager Promotions for Fiji Humans Rights Commission.

Seni has extensive experience in training, change management, communications, journalism, media and social media.

  1. Bala Dass

Bala Dass is a prominent leader of cane growers and is the general secretary of Fiji Cane Growers Association. He has been FCGA’s general secretary since October 2000.

He contested the 2001 and 2006 general elections under the NFP banner. Mr Dass has established sound and harmonious relations with landowners and landowning units and has managed to successfully negotiate the renewal of cane leases throughout the Western Division.

He is a well known resident of Nadi through his social and community work, notably through the Then India Sanmarga Ikya (TISI) Sangam of Fiji.

During Mr Dass’s term as FCGA general secretary, the FCGA controlled the administration and operations of the Sugar Cane Growers Council for six years, u til the Council was usurped by the military regime through the former Finance and Sugar Minister in January 2007 – a month after the military coup.

Since the usurpation of the FCGA Council, the sugar industry has plummeted to less than half of what it used to be before the coup.

  1. Usaia Cirikiwai Moli

Usaia Cirikiwai Moli is well known for his work with the less fortunate and the youth. His last work was Facilitator for Pacific Centre for Peacebuilding.

Mr Moli is an industrious and quick learner that has seen him progress from a farmer, Director at a Youth Hostel for Street Children to a Youth Trainer in youth social empowerment programs since 2004.

His work with young people has allowed him to wrk with local, provincial, national and regional multi-sectoral actors.

Usa is a highly motivated person who is currently the Chairperson of NFP’s Youth Steering Committee. On May 25 he was appointed to the NFP Management Board by the Working Committee.

  1. Raman Pratap Singh

Raman Pratap Singh is the scion of NFP Founder Member and Bua Landlord, the late Ram Jati Singh. He graduated as a lawyer from Auckland, New Zealand and has been in private practice since 1971. In 1985, Ram Singh was elected as a Councillor of the first Sugar Cane Growers Council from the Labasa Sector and was appointed the Director of SCGC Labasa District, a position he held until 1992. In fact, he won in 1985 SCGC elections on the Federation of the Growers under the leadership of the then NFP leader, Hon. S.M. Koya.

Raman Singh entered the House of the Representatives as an elected member of the NFP from the Bua Indian Communal Constituency, a seat that he retained in 1994 with 81% of the total votes cast. He served as a member of several important parliamentary select and sector committees, the most important being the Joint Parliamentary Select Committee on the Review of the 1990 Constitution that led to the evolution of the 1997 Constitution. In 2005, he was elected as the National President of NFP, a position that he held until March 29, 2014.

  1. Parmod Chand

Parmod Chand is the Vice President of NFP. He hails from a prominent Labasa business family and is the managing director of Parmod Enterprises Ltd. Mr Chand is a senior pastor of Pathway Assembly of God Labasa. He is a member of the Finance Committee of A.O.G. Fiji. Mr Chand was a NFP Member of Parliament from 1994 to 1999. He also contested the 1999 and 2006 elections under the NFP banner.

Mr Chand is a Vice President of Fiji Bus Operators Association and a Trustee of Fiji Football Association. He served as a Labasa Town Councillor from 1993 to 1999. He as served a number of organisations in various capacities, including Labasa Football Association.

  1. Mohamed Rafiq

Mohamed Rafiq is a fulltime cane farmer and social worker. He hails from Coqeloa, Labasa. He is a former school teacher, having taught mainly at Naleba College in Labasa. He is a Vice President of Macuata Muslim League. Mr Rafiq is the Vice President of Fiji Cane Growers Association Northern Division and served as FCGA’s Northern Executive Officer for many years until 2009.

He also contested the 1999 and 2006 general elections under the NFP baner.

  1. Attar Singh

Attar Singh resigned as General Secretary of the Communications, Mining ad General Workers Union to contest the elections. He was the general secretary of this union for 10 years. Mr Singh was also the general secretary of the Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions from 2002 to 2014 until he resigned due to the requirements of the Political Parties Decree.

Attar was the general secretary of NFP from 1998 to 2002. He led the Party into the 2001 and 2006 general elections. He is also a Trustee of NFP.

Mr Singh is a aeronautical engineer and worked for Air Pacific (now Fiji Airways) as aircraft engineer before jining the trade union movement.