Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

One country, One Nation One People: A United, Peaceful and Prosperous Fiji

Our Mission

  • Peaceful and Prosperous Fiji based on Respect, Dignity and Harmony.
  • Democratic principles, Basic Human Rights, Workers Rights and respect for cultural, religious and ethnic diversity.
  • Fair and impartial application of the rule of law, regardless of ethnicity, class and cultural diversity.
  • Equitable Economic Development.
  • Freedom from the shackles of poverty and sufferings.
  • Universal access to basic Health care, Housing and Education.
  • Good governance through participatory decision making process at all levels involving key stakeholders, NGO’s and other development partners.
  • Recognise the special needs of children, women, youth, elderly and other groups.
  • Respect for different cultures, traditions and religions for our diverse and dynamic multiracial societies.
  • International and regional relationships must be based on mutual respect in the interests of all the people of Fiji.