Youth Leader Usaia Moli raises youth voice and hope

As a youth leader and someone who has worked with youths for the past 10 years, Usaia Moli hopes to provide youths with a voice in the new parliament.

Mr Moli is the National Federation Party’s Youth Wing president and hopes to become a registered candidate for the upcoming election.

The 34-year-old used to work for an NGO but now with his mind-set on the elections, he hopes the NFP would be able to provide youth with a voice in parliament.

Participatory Democratic Power in Action

THE National Federation Party’s youth leader Usaia Moli believes Fiji’s youth, especially those in their mid 20s and younger, do not have a fair idea on how democracy works.

Mr Moli, who aims to earn a parliamentary seat for the youth, said Fiji’s political situation made the country’s situation extraordinary.

“The younger generation wasn’t provided a democratic environment for them to learn from. These things can’t be learnt from books but the youth have to be part of it,” he said.

AG Cannot Duck For Cover: NFP


The Attorney General and Minister Responsible for Elections Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum cannot duck for cover on the issue of his appointment as general secretary of the proposed Fiji First Party conflicting with his role as Minister Responsible for Elections.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum’s description of National Federation Party’s call for him to step down as Elections Minister following his appointment as a “circus, unprincipled and gutter level politics” does not answer the issue of him being now compromised in his role as Elections Minister.

Do not reward coup makers

By NFP President Tupou Draunidalo

(The following are excerpts of an speech delivered by Ms Draunidalo at the NFP Working Committee Meeting on 25th May)

The day after our AGM, the political party of the interim administration was announced with barely attended (by the public) fanfare – in what we believe to be a breach of their own Decree No. 4 of 2013, the political parties registration decree.

Elections and Freedom

By National Federation Party Leader Biman Prasad

Highly Questionable

The decision to recruit members of the public, as Presiding Officers and Assistant Presiding Officers is highly questionable and an unusual practice.

Every general election since 1972 has seen civil servants manage polling stations. September 17, which is polling day is a public holiday. Surely we have more than 14,000 civil servants who can work as presiding officers and their assistants. Why are civil servants being passed? Does it mean that the Elections Office does not trust the civil servants to do this work?

A multiracial party

By NFP President Tupou Draunidalo

The National Federation Party is a genuinely multiracial party. Since its inception in 1963, the NFP has always put national interest above everything else. Perceptions that it is a Indian based party are far-fetched.

The NFP has never espoused race based polices, preached or practiced racism. From 1968 until the coups of 1987, the NFP attracted many prominent members of all communities who make up our multi-ethnic, multicultural and multi-religious country.

Youth, Women & Elections

By NFP President Tupou Draunidalo

(continued from last week: Excerpts of her speech at NFP Convention)

Promotion of youth and women

As both, a woman and a youngish one – I have a lot to commend the NFP. The party has had many women members and group leaders. And the party has always sought more members and participation from these two groups.

We are hopeful of attracting very many from this sector to contest the upcoming elections under the NFP banner.

NFP: A Party Of Principles

The following are excerpts of the speech by National Federation
Party’s first i-taukei and second woman President, Tupou Draunidalo at the NFP Convention on 29th March

Opposition to all military coups

We have all lived under and experienced life under a military government, on and off since 1987.

We all know that these unelected and dictatorial governments – answerable to no one but their armouries – restrict our basic freedoms – of speech, association and religion; they discourage local and foreign investment; and they weaken and destroy important institutions of state.

A Party of vision

The following opinion are excerpts of a speech delivered by lawyer Tupou Draunidalo at the National Federation Party’s 50th anniversary celebrations on 7th December 2013.

It is another great honour for me to speak at a party function, especially one commemorating 50 years of service to Fiji. NFP, the party of Messrs A D Patel, S M Koya, Jai Ram Reddy, Balwant Singh Rakka and Harish Sharma

Regressive and draconian decrees

Free, fair and credible elections is a pre-requisite to parliamentary democracy and good governance.

The National Federation Party has made two submissions to this effect to the Electoral Commission, on 14th February and again on 24th February.

Following the first meeting, the Commission invited the Party to point out draconian provisions of Decrees that the NFP believes are not conducive to a fair electoral process.